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Tambola Game Set

320 Incl. GST + Free Shipping

  • Contents 90 Number tiles 1 Playing Game Board 600 Different Tickets
  • Easy read tickets with bigger numbers
  • Good quality white paper
  • Tickets available in 5 different colors (Red, Green, Blue, Orange & Yellow)
  • Readily available for fast shipping
  • We also accept bulk orders of Tambola & Bingo Tickets for corporate, club, kitty parties and other events with customization options
  • Price for full set


Buy Tambola game set from Tambola-Bingo supermarket for your next fun event. All it takes is the distribution of Tambola Tickets and Cards amongst the players, this can be a group of friends or amongst family members. Moreover, this is a multiplayer ecosystem which is one of the easiest indoor game to conduct and appropriate for all ages. More game related supplies and products can be found here: Tambola supplies.


The player who marks all the called out numbers first becomes the ultimate winner of the game. There are many variations of Housie game, in terms of winning depending on the pre-defined rules. The winner is awarded small presents and consolation prizes are also distributed among the players.


Buy Tambola game set as an ideal gift for a  birthday or kitty parties. Our game set consists of 600 Housie tickets included as a complimentary accessory absolutely free of cost to you!! Also, Tambola is very popular in club events, small house parties, festivals, carnivals and other various assorted events around the globe.


Game sets from Tambola-Bingo Supermarket

Game sets from Tambola-Bingo supermarket have been consistently high praised by our loyal and beloved customer base, Thanks to its high quality, durable materials used in manufacturing and easy affordability compared to other brands. Currently, our sets are available for Tambola, Bingo, and Housie and the same game set is designed in a way that one board set can be used for all three games mentioned above.


You can get a free guide to play here: Download PDF

Ideal to be used along Tambola Tickets


It is to be noted that some countries have their own rules and regulation when comes to the game conduct on Tambola. For example
Some fun ideas can be found here: Tambola game ideas
Please refer to your government rules and regulations before conducting a large game night.

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